ZhongAn continues to supply Chitosan (CAS:9012-76-4) to the USA market

Summary:Generally speaking, chitin mainly refers to chitosan, which is also known as chitosan, deacetylated chitin, deacetylated chitin, soluble chitin, and soluble chitin. Amorphous solids, specific rotation[ α] D11—3°~+10°。 Almost insoluble in water, but soluble in organic acids such as formic acid, acetic acid, benzoic acid, naphthenic acid, and dilute inorganic acids. Industrial products are white or grayish white translucent sheet like solids with a slight pearl luster. Odorless, Chemicalbook is non-toxic, easily degradable, and is a rare natural cationic polyelectrolyte. Polysaccharides obtained by hydrolysis with strong alkali or enzymatic hydrolysis to remove acetyl groups from the sugar group of chitin. It is soluble in low acidity aqueous solutions, has good biocompatibility, has no antigenicity, and is insoluble in human fluids. It is obtained from chitin in the shells of lower animals and plants widely found in nature, such as arthropods (shrimp, crab), through deacetylation reaction by adding alkali and heating.

ActionThere are two main mechanisms for the antibacterial effect of chitosan: one is that chitosan adsorbs on the surface of cells to form a high molecular membrane, preventing the transport of nutrients into the cells, thereby playing a bacteriostatic and bactericidal role; Another mechanism is that chitosan penetrates into the cell body, adsorbing the cytoplasm with Chemicalbook anions in the cell body, and causing flocculation, disrupting the normal physiological activities of the cell, thereby killing bacteria. Due to the different cell wall structures of gram positive bacteria and gram negative bacteria, and the different degrees of influence of the two effects on them, chitosan with different relative molecular weights has different antibacterial mechanisms.Chitosan is a dietary fiber that has the effects of reducing serum cholesterol, regulating intestinal flora, and lowering blood pressure. After human ingestion of chitosan, fecal analysis shows that it is almost not digested and absorbed, so it belongs to a category of dietary fiber.

Currently, ZhongAn has established contacts with the USA market, and continues to supply Chitosan to them every month. If you have any demand, you can contact ZhongAn, and ZhongAn will provide the best goods and services.

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Post time: Mar-24-2023