Chitosan CAS 9012-76-4 detailed information

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CAS: 9012-76-4

Molecular Fomula: C6H11NO4X2

Molecular Weight: 161.16

Appearance: Yellowish or white powder

DAC degree :≥80%

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Synonym Chitosan from shrimp shells; kytexm;poliglusam;seacuref; seacureplus; CHITOSANNANOPARTICLES; LOWMOLECULARWEIGHTCHITOSAN; HIGHMOLECULARWEIGHTCHITOSAN
CAS 9012-76-4
Molecular Fomula C6H11NO4X2
Molecular Weight 161.16

DAC degree 



Item  Specifications 
Appearance Yellowish or white powder
Identification Adding CuC4H4O6 TS and heatinga brick-red or deep brownprecipitate is formed
DAC degree ≥80%
Viscosity 50 mpa.s ~800 mpa.s
Moisture ≤10.0%
Ash ≤3.0%
pH 7.0~8.0
Acid-insoluble substance ≤2.0%


It is mainly used in food, medicine, agricultural seeds, daily chemical industry, industrial wastewater treatment and other industries. Chitosan oligosaccharide has the functions of improving immunity, activating cells, preventing cancer, lowering blood lipid, lowering blood pressure, anti-aging, regulating the body environment, etc. It can be used in the fields of medicine, health care and food. In the field of environmental protection, chitosan can be used for sewage treatment, protein recovery, water purification, etc. In the field of functional materials, chitosan can be used as membrane materials, carriers, adsorbents, fibers, medical materials, etc. In the field of light textile, chitosan can be used for fabric finishing, health underwear, papermaking auxiliaries, etc. In the agricultural field, it can be used for feed addition, seed treatment, soil improvement, fruit preservation, etc. In the field of tobacco, chitosan is a kind of tobacco flake glue with good performance, and has the characteristics of improving the taste, non-toxic combustion and no odor.
Chitosan is a kind of polyelectrolyte with biocompatibility, anti bacteria and biodegradability, which has a wide range of biomedical and industrial applications. Its chemical properties and low toxicity can be used as a component of drugs, in gene transfer systems, as a biodegradable membrane and as a skeleton in tissue engineering.

Packaging and Shipping

Usually 1 pallet load 500KG
Belongs to common goods and can deliver by sea or air

keep and storage

Ventilation low temperature drying; with acid, ammonia salt stored separately


100MT per month now we are expanding our production line.
China now mainly export Industrial grade.
And we can also offer food grade.

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