PFPE(CAS 69991-67-9/60164-51-4) is colorless and odorless transparent liquid at normal temperature. Compared with hydrocarbon polyethers, perfluoropolyether has many unique and excellent properties, such as high temperature resistance, oxidation resistance, radiation resistance, chemicalbook, corrosion resistance, low volatility, incombustibility, compatibility, chemical inertness and low surface tension. It will not react with most chemicals such as acid, alkali and oxidant.

PFPE(CAS 69991-67-9/60164-51-4) was first studied in the 1960s. It is a kind of relatively special perfluoropolymer compound with an average molecular weight of 500~15000. There are only three elements in the molecule: C, F, O. PFPE has the characteristics of heat resistance, oxidation resistance, radiation resistance, corrosion resistance, non-combustion, and has been used as a highly reliable lubricant in military, aerospace, nuclear industry and other cutting-edge fields for decades. Nowadays, perfluoropolyether is widely used in chemical, electronic, electrical, mechanical, nuclear, aerospace fields.

Characteristic:Fluoropolyether molecule contains only C, F, O three elements. Due to the strong electronegativity of fluorine atoms, most of the carbon chain is shielded by fluorine atoms. Compared with hydrocarbon polyethers, it has the advantages of high density, low surface tension, low volatility, good viscosity and fluidity, incombustibility, good dielectric properties, and good lubricity, and Chemicalbook can be well compatible with plastics, rubber, and metal. Perfluoropolyether is a fluoropolymer with low molecular weight. Its viscosity is closely related to its molecular structure and average molecular weight. PFPE with large molecular weight has low volatility, wide liquid temperature range and excellent viscosity-temperature characteristics.


Last year, JINAN ZHONGAN expand production line and each month we can offer at least 8MTs to market. Recently, ZHONGAN contacted European and American customers and sent PFPE samples to them to test the quality of samples. At present, the samples are tested to be qualified. Next, we will sign a long-term cooperation contract. If you also need PFPE Oil, please feel free to contact us. Our company has passed ISO9001 certification. Please rest assured of the product quality and our service.



Post time: Mar-15-2023