Dimethyl Disulfide (CAS:624-92-0) Knowledge(CAS:624-92-0)

1.Chemical properties:

Light yellow transparent liquid. There is a foul odor. It is insoluble in water and can be mixed with ethanol, ether, and acetic acid.


Used as a passivating agent for solvents, catalysts, pesticide intermediates, coking inhibitors, etc. Dimethyl disulfide reacts with cresol to produce 2-methyl-4-hydroxy anisulfide, and then condenses with O, O-dimethyl phosphoryl sulfide chloride in the Chemicalbook alkaline medium to obtain Fenthion. This is an efficient and low toxicity organic phosphorus insecticide with excellent control effects on rice borers, soybean heartworms, and gadfly larvae. It can also be used as veterinary medicine to eliminate cowfly maggots and cow wall lice.

3.Production method:

①It is obtained by the reaction of Dimethyl sulfate and Sodium sulfide. Add sulfur powder into Sodium sulfide solution under stirring, raise the temperature to 80-90 ℃, react for 1h, and lower the temperature of Chemicalbook to about 30 ℃; Dimethyl sulfate is dropped into the reaction kettle, the reaction continues for 2h, and then distilled, standing for layering. After separating the waste alkali liquor, the finished product is obtained by distillation.

②Dimethyl disulfide is synthesized by Dimethyl sulfate method in industry.

Na2S+S → Na2S2Na2S2+(CH3) 2SO4 → CH3SSCH3+Na2SO4

Put the solid Sodium sulfide and water into the reaction kettle, heat them, control the temperature at 50~60 ℃ to dissolve the sulfurized Chemicalbook sodium, then add equimolar sulfur in batches, keep it warm for 1h, cool it to 45 ℃, start dropping Dimethyl sulfate, keep the reaction temperature between 40~45 ℃, keep it warm for 1h after adding, and then evaporate the product Dimethyl disulfide. In addition, Dimethyl disulfide can also be synthesized by methyl mercaptan method.

③It is produced by the reaction of iodomethyl magnesium and Disulfur dichloride. It is formed by the reaction of sodium disulfide with sodium methylsulfate. Methyl Sodium thiosulfate is prepared by reacting Bromomethane with Sodium thiosulfate, and then heating.


4.Storage and transportation characteristics:

Ventilation and low-temperature drying of the warehouse; Store separately from oxidants and acids


5.Fire extinguishing agent

Dry powder, dry sand, carbon dioxide, foam, 1211 extinguishing agent



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