2-hydroxyethylurea cas 2078-71-9 with detailed information

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CAS: 2078-71-9

Molecular Fomula: C3H8N2O2

Molecular Weight: 104.11

Chemical Structure:


Appearance: Colorless or yellow to clear liquid

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Item Specifications
Appearance Colorless or yellowi to clear liquid
Odor Similar in character and intensity to stantard
Color ≤20
Solids,% 50±5
pH 6.0~8.5
Viscosity ≤200.0 cps
Heavy metal ≤20ppm



2-Hydroxyethylurea is an excellent moisturizer that gives skin care products an effective moisturizing effect with no sticky feel and reduces the amount of silicone in the formula. Hydroxyethyl urea can penetrate into the stratum corneum, increase skin moisture content, relieve dryness, fill fine lines, increase skin elasticity and provide a pleasant feeling of use. With the vast majority of cosmetics raw materials compatibility, with a wide range of pH. Application areas:1. Skin care products2. Hand soap and bath products3.

Cleansing products and soap4. Baby products5. Sunscreen products6. Hair care products . Recommended dosage: 0.5-5.0%.

The main characteristic of hydroxyethyl urea is to provide skin care products with moisturizing function without sticky feel, at the same time, it can increase skin elasticity and replenish skin moisture, and it has good compatibility with various skin care materials when mixed with Chemicalbook, which is mild and non irritating. Hydroxyethyl urea also has a high cost performance ratio. Compared with expensive humectants, hydroxyethyl urea can achieve the same effect at a lower formulation cost.

Packaging and Shipping

Plastic drum, 25 kgs;

keep and storage

Notes: Keep stored in cool, dry conditions in well sealed containers.


Preserve in tight containers. Reseal containers tightly after use. The shelf life of 2-hydroxyethylurea is two years in original, unopened containers.


60 MT per month ,now we are expanding our production line.

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