Ferrocene(FE) (CAS: 102-54-5) detailed information

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1. Ferrocene(FE)(CAS: 102-54-5) with details:


CAS: 102-54-5

Molecular Fomula: C10H10Fe

Molecular Weight: 186.03

Chemical Structure:

Appearance: Light yellow or brown needle shaped crystals


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Light yellow or brown needle shaped Crystal

Purity content


Water remaining


Insoluble in toluene


Ferric oxide


Organic solvent


Single impurity residue



Ferrocene can be used as a rocket fuel additive, an anti knock agent for gasoline, a curing agent for rubber and silicone resin, and also as a UV absorber.

1) Energy saving smoke suppressants and anti explosion agents used as fuel. For example, it is used to produce gasoline anti knock agents, combustion rate catalysts for rocket propellants, and solid fuels for aerospace.

(2) Used as a catalyst. If used in the production of synthetic ammonia catalysts, as a curing agent for silicone resin and rubber, it can prevent the degradation effect of polyethylene on light. When used in agricultural film, it can naturally degrade and crack within a certain period of time, without affecting cultivation and fertilization.

(3) Used as a gasoline anti knock agent. It can replace the toxic tetraethyl lead in gasoline as a chemical additive to produce high-grade lead-free gasoline, in order to eliminate the pollution of fuel emissions on the environment and the toxicity to human health.

(4) Used as a radiation absorber, thermal stabilizer, light stabilizer, and smoke suppressant.

(5) In terms of chemical properties, ferrocene is similar to aromatic compounds and is not prone to addition reactions. It is prone to electrophilic substitution reactions and can undergo reactions such as metalization, acylation, alkylation, sulfonation, formylation, and ligand exchange, thereby preparing a series of widely used derivatives.

4. Ferrocene(FE)  (CAS: 102-54-5) Packaging and Shipping

25KG/Bag or 25KG/Drum

Ferrocene belongs to Class 4.1 dangerous goods, which can be transported by sea .

5. Ferrocene(FE)  (CAS: 102-54-5)  keep and storage

Low temperature, ventilated, and dry warehouse; Store separately from oxidants


6. Ferrocene(FE)  (CAS: 102-54-5) with Capacity:

400MT per year, now we are expanding our production line.

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